Exceptional Customer Experience With Industry Experts

Richland Center Foundry offers the expertise and personalized solutions you need.

  • Engineering Assistance. Leading edge iron foundry with engineering expertise to assess your design for casting viability. Get your design turned into a finished part faster than anywhere else in the industry. 
  • Existing Tooling. When you need modifications to your current tooling or want to build anew tool to get better parts - there are many ways we can help.
  • Total Solutions. We offer Tier 1 services like machining, painting, and heat-treating, there are a number of other ways Richland Center Foundry can help you with your project. 
  • Short Lead Time. If you need a foundry that can work with your short lead time, we offer rapid prototyping, fast sampling,  and on-time delivery to help you meet your deadlines.
  • Other. Complex iron castings, core and geometries? Specialized material requirements? Not a problem at Richland Center we're excited to help you make complex design a reality.

Don't hesitate to contact us for more information online or at 608.647.6121 or to submit an RFQ.

Leading Producer of Gray & Ductile Iron Castings

Throughout the country, iron castings produced by the Richland Center Foundry, LLC can be found in:

  • construction and mining equipment
  • heavy-duty truck engines
  • water and chemical pumping equipment
  • large stationary diesel engines
  • transmissions for various applications
  • military vehicles and ships

Through our commitment to continuous improvement, Richland Center Foundry, LLC has achieved the status of being a "certified" supplier to many of the country's major industrial firms. Our customers and suppliers alike view us as a committed partner.

The people of the Richland Center Foundry, LLC are the leading producers of low- to medium-volume raw and finished iron castings, serving the world's best manufacturers.